Flooring Systems

Epoxy Resin FloorMK Coatings specialise in the installation of high quality epoxy resin industrial and commercial flooring systems. All of our resin floor screeds and coatings are developed by leading material manufacturers who provide guarantees of performance ensuring reliability and long term durability. Our experience in using these products ensure that the customer is always 100% happy with their floor.

Epoxy Resin flooring systems (Epoxy Resin Floors) are particularly suitable for industrial and commercial environments such as Food Manufacture, Kitchens, Engineering, Warehousing, Healthcare, Hospitals, Pharmaceuticals. Properties such as anti-slip, anti-static and enhanced chemical resistance can also be incorporated where necessary.

Anti-Slip coatings are particularily suited to wet environments like Abbatoirs/Boning halls and any other Food manufacuring where wash-downs each day are necessary.

We would be delighted to provide you with a specification and a no-obligation quotation for any future work where you may feel seamless industrial or commercial resin flooring can meet your requirements.