Quick Drying Floor Resin

Here at MK Coatings we understand that “minimizing downtime is crucial to your company”, this is why we recommend our Quick Drying Floor Resin. Ready to use just two hours after application. This is our fastest flooring solution, that delivers unrivaled installation and cure times as well as an eye-catching finish to transform renovation projects and fast-paced new build developments.

This system has an impressive physical profile in both wet and dry processing areas. It offers excellent chemical, abrasion, wear, stain and slip resistance and can withstand thermal shocks and impact.

Available in a creative mix of colours and finishes, it is well suited to the commercial sectors and retail industry, having already been installed at a number of shopping centres, supermarkets, residential developments, and rail stations.

This is a popular choice where a seamless and durable finish  is required. This is an excellent platform for hygiene and heavy industry.

Key Areas of Use

  • Food processing
  • Boning Halls
  • Mechanical
  • Chemical
  • Electronic goods industries
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Pubs / Night Clubs