Seamless Flooring Systems

MK Coatings specialise in the installation of high quality epoxy resin industrial and commercial flooring systems. All of our resin floor screeds and coatings are developed by leading material manufacturers who provide guarantees of performance ensuring reliability and long term durability. Our experience in using these products ensure that the customer is always 100% happy with their floor.

Epoxy Resin flooring systems (Epoxy Resin Floors) are particularly suitable for industrial and commercial environments such as Food Manufacture, Kitchens, Engineering, Warehousing, Healthcare, Hospitals, Pharmaceuticals. Properties such as anti-slip, anti-static and enhanced chemical resistance can also be incorporated where necessary.

Anti-Slip coatings are particularily suited to wet environments like Abbatoirs/Boning halls and any other Food manufacuring where wash-downs each day are necessary.

We would be delighted to provide you with a specification and a no-obligation quotation for any future work where you may feel seamless industrial or commercial resin flooring can meet your requirements.

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Epoxy Resin

The epoxy resin coating system is a colored epoxy designed to provide attractive high- performance flooring for a variety of environments.

A high build epoxy coating system is also one of the most cost effective, most common, and most versatile of all our flooring systems.

This system can be roller or screed applied and is available in a variety of colors along with a clear application. To see if the epoxy coating system is right for your facility, contact MK Coatings today!

Key Areas of Use

Commercial, Warehousing, Wet Rooms, Pharmaceutical, Car Park Decks, Food / Beverage, Balcony Flooring, Public Areas

Car Park Deckings

All Mk Coatings systems for car parks are based on the market leading supplers like Sika and Flowcrete to say a few . This unique combination of superior performance, longevity and ease of application, makes Mk Coatings car park decking systems the perfect choice for waterproofing and extending the life of all types of car parking environments.

Being waterproof, slip and skid resistant, extremely durable and totally installed by Mk Coatings trained staff from prep to coating ,This what makes Mk Coatings car park decking systems are ideally suited for all modern multi-storey, ground level open air, and basement car parks.

Slip Resistant Flooring

The term ‘non-slip flooring’ should be avoided; there is no such thing as a totally non-slip surface. It is more accurate to use terms such as anti-slip flooring or better still “slip-resistant flooring” these terms more accurately describe the floor surface.

Most common slips (90%) occur when the floor surface is wet with water or contaminated with product, environments which commonly suffer from these situations are

  • Car park decks
  • Water treatment plants
  • External chemical bund
  • Food factories
  • Engineering facilities
  • Stairways
  • Balconies

Quick Drying Floor Resin

Here at MK Coatings we understand that “minimizing downtime is crucial to your company”, this is why we recommend our Quick Drying Floor Resin. Ready to use just two hours after application. This is our fastest flooring solution, that delivers unrivaled installation and cure times as well as an eye-catching finish to transform renovation projects and fast-paced new build developments.

This system has an impressive physical profile in both wet and dry processing areas. It offers excellent chemical, abrasion, wear, stain and slip resistance and can withstand thermal shocks and impact.

Available in a creative mix of colours and finishes, it is well suited to the commercial sectors and retail industry, having already been installed at a number of shopping centres, supermarkets, residential developments, and rail stations.

This is a popular choice where a seamless and durable finish is required. This is an excellent platform for hygiene and heavy industry.

Key Areas of Use

  • Food processing
  • Boning Halls
  • Mechanical
  • Chemical
  • Electronic goods industries
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Pubs / Night Clubs

Line Markings, Pathways & Signs (Stencilling)

In addition to an epoxy floor finish in your plant, warehouse or car parks, to add safety for your workers, pedestrians, adding walkways and lines, stop signs etc., in any color of choice or in anti slip finish if required, is a lovely addition to a finished floor aesthetically and more importantly for safety for all.

Key areas of use:

Car park decks, Water treatment plants, External chemical bund, Food factories, Engineering facilities, Garages

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