Concrete & Floor Repairs

Concrete can be damaged in many ways. Carbonation is the most common. The reinforcement will corrode over time which causes the concrete to crack and spall but chemical damage or mechanical abrasion are also common. It’s important the damaged concrete is then properly repaired and protected from further damage to prolong the life of the structure.

The choice of repair material used is crucial. At MK Coatings we offer everything from cement based, resin based, fluid, high build, spray applied and structural repair mortars. We also offer a full service to engineers and consultants from a steel primer to a full elastic anti carbonation coating.

We offer crack repairs, full preparation of cracks and filling with an epoxy mortar prior to grinding the whole floor surface which would provide a seamless surface and avoid further re occurrence of future cracks appearing and future maintenance.

Expansion joints repairs also give smooth surfaces and help avoid an uneven surface, rises, to help prevent accidents for all or that may cause damage to the transport machinery.

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